Dr Will Chien

Assistant Professor
BSc (NTU), MEd (JCU), PhD (Monash)

2766 6703



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Research Interests:


Dr. Chien has been an occupational therapist since he graduated from National Taiwan University with a Bachelor’s degree in 2003. Before he joined The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he has obtained a PhD from Monash University in 2010 and completed a three-year postdoctoral research fellowship in The University of Queensland, Australia. During these periods, he has worked extensively with children who have physical, developmental or intellectual disabilities and their families. 

Dr. Chien has strong research interests in developing children’s hand skill-related measures and validating psychometric properties of existing rehabilitation-related measures through modern test theory (e.g., Rasch Measurement Model). He also hosts a Children’s Hand Skills Assessment Hub which includes three contemporary assessments he has developed. These are the Assessment of Children’s Hand Skills (ACHS), the Children’s Hand-Skill ability Questionnaire (CHSQ), and the Children’s Assessment of Participation with Hands (CAP-Hand).

Dr. Chien’s recent research addresses social and community participation of children with disabilities by investigating a range of supporting or restricting factors (e.g., including body functions, activity, performance, environments and personal characteristics) and by promoting participation-focused assessment and intervention.

Recent Publications: