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The Head of Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

On behalf of Department of Rehabilitation Sciences of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, I would like to extend a sincere invitation to you for joining the 9th Pan Pacific Conference on Rehabilitation (PPCR) cum 21st Annual Congress of Gerontology to be held on the Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus between 29 and 30 November 2014. The theme for this conference is “Rewinding the Aging Clock”. We have the honor of co-hosting the conference with the Hong Kong Association of Gerontology so as to foster multi-disciplinary collaborations among rehabilitation specialists, medical doctors and other health or related professionals in the field of geriatrics for promoting the concept of healthy and energetic aging.

The PPCR was inaugurated in 1998 in Guangzhou and has since become an icon biannual event for our Department. Over the last 8 PPCRs, we have witnessed the growth of this conference series from the beginning of mostly a local event to the present stage of being an important biannual meeting for rehabilitation professionals, academics, students and healthcare administrators in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

In planning for the programme, the organizing committee has invited distinguished speakers including Prof. Keith Hill from Curtin University in Australia, Prof. Lindy Clemson from the University of Sydney, Prof. Leon Flicker from the University of Western Australia, Prof. Pui Chan from Capital University of Medical Sciences in China, and other eminent scientists to share their work at the conference. There will also be pre- and post-conference workshops catering for the special topics of interest and clinical skills of the participants.

For those who have come to the previous PPCRs, we appreciate your vote of confidence on us and hope you will support us again. For those who have not attended the PPCR before, we hope you will respond positively to our invitation and join this conference to learn from your peers and to share with them.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the 9th PPCR and we are confident that this conference will be a fruitful and memorable experience for all participants.

Prof. Gabriel Ng, PT PhD
Chair Professor and Head
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Hong Kong Polytechnic University


The President of the Hong Kong Association of Gerontology

On behalf of Hong Kong Association of Gerontology which is the co-organizer of the Pan-Pacific Conference on Rehabilitation cum 21st Annual Congress of Gerontology we would like to welcome you to participate in this conference with the theme of Rewinding the Ageing Clock. Population Ageing will be of major impact to the Asian Region in the next 20 years. Ageing has been depicted in many public debates as problem for the society. However, this is not particularly true as the majority of older people enjoy good health and live with an active life. It is the small proportion of older people who suffered from chronic ill health and disability that resulted in a high demand on health care and long term care which are of high cost to the society. In this world of ageing prevention of ill health and disability in older population will improve the quality of life of older people, relieve the burden to the family and the society.

It is timely for us to organize this conference together with the Department of Rehabilitation Science of Polytechnic University to bring together experts from United States, Australia, China and other Asian Countries to examine the advances related to promoting healthy ageing, prevention of diseases and disability.

We hope through this conference could bring forward the knowledge, skills and practice to the multi-disciplinary team involved in health care and social services for older people.

Dr Edward M F Leung
Hong Kong Association of Gerontology


The Chairman of Organizing Committee

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is my honour and pleasure to invite you to attend the 9th Pan-Pacific Conference on Rehabilitation cum 21st Annual Congress of Gerontology, by Department of Rehabilitation Sciences in co-organizing with the Hong Kong Association of Gerontology, in Jockey Club Auditorium, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 29 to 30 November 2014.

The theme of the Conference ‘Rewinding the Aging Clock’ is tended to inspire knowledge exchange and thoughtful stimulating discussion in the aging issue. Aging population is an important healthcare determinant drawing the worldwide attention. Hong Kong faces similar challenges as a result of long life expectancy and low fertility rate as other countries in the Pan-Pacific region. To meet these needs in the population, future health care and rehabilitation services will emphasize on physical fitness, healthy life-style, and psychological wellness in aging, as well as care and prevention of older people with frailty or degenerative diseases such as dementia. The Conference will be in the form of plenary lectures, free paper presentations, international symposium on aging, round-table discussions, workshops, poster presentations, and pre- and post-conference short courses. The suggested sub-themes of the conference include falls and prevention, pain management, complementary and alternative medicine, biomedical mechanism of aging, enhancing physical function, enhancing cognitive function and mental health, technology, environment and aging, chronic condition management to promote healthy aging, health promotion, e-health, health policy, psychosocial aspects of aging and aging issue of people with developmental disabilities.

The Conference is a highlight of the department every 2 years. The PPCR series has become a biannual icon activity of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University for the past 10 years. The main objectives of the Conference are to: 1) create a forum for communications among overseas and local researchers and experts in the areas of aging and rehabilitation; 2) facilitate evidence-based practice of the named areas in Hong Kong and the Pan-Pacific region at large; 3) establish collaborations for research and clinical practices on aging and rehabilitation with overseas experts; and 4) provide a learning experience to our graduate students in organizing academic conference and presenting their work in scientific forum. In each of the previous PPCRs, there was an average of over 300 participants coming from local and overseas countries. The participants of this conference are expected to come from a diverse professional background including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, physicians, nurses and other rehabilitation professionals. This time, we are honoured to have the opportunity to work together with the Hong Kong Association of Gerontology which organizes the Annual Congress of Gerontology annually and attracting more than 200 participants in the fields of geriatrics and gerontology including medical, nursing, social work, rehabilitation and other healthcare professionals, health care agencies and administrators in Hong Kong.

I would like to send special thanks to the many individuals that have dedicated their time to ensuring the success of the Conference. I hope this event, which aims to promote exchange in scientific knowledge and clinical experience as well as contacts between scholars, experts, researchers, clinicians, colleagues, and students in rehabilitation and gerontology, can provide you fruitful ideas for new development and research ideas in aging issues. We hope you appreciate our programme, field visits and social events within the metropolitan venue. Finally, the Organizing Committee looks forward to meeting you in the beautiful city of Hong Kong.

Dr. Kenneth Fong, PhD, OTR
Associate Professor
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Hong Kong Polytechnic University



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